Sunday, 12 June 2016

Cumberland Lodge

This is the result of my first time sketching outside.  I found it quite relaxing and glad there was no one else there to look over my shoulder.  This took me around 3-4 hours, which includes washing in with a little bit of colour.
The building is Cumberland Lodge in Windsor...

Fairy Lantern

The theme was 'Shiny' for the creative challenge at my Local Art shop. So I decided to the make the fairy lantern.  You will find lots of tutorials online for this, but this is how I did it...
Drew and cut of the shape of a fairy in black card.
PVA glued white tissue paper all over the outside of a jam jar.
Let dry and glue the fairy on the inside of the jar.
Sprinkled glitter on the outside of the jar (on top of the dried tissue  paper)
and then tied a glittery ribbon around the top of the jar.
some tutorials include the lid, but I left this off as I thought it would be easier to access the candle inside.