Thursday, 8 January 2015

Harry Potter Jewellery Box

I made this Harry Potter inspired jewellery box for my *soontobe Sister-in-law .  She loves Harry Potter and I'd thought about doing something like this for sometime.
She was happy to receive a 'made gift' for Christmas and I was excited to be creating something different.  

Here you can see on the lid I painted the silhouettes of each character.  
Can you see the freckles on Ron and Harry's scar? 

To make it I brought a wooden treasure box from my local art shop. I photocopied random pages from the Harry Potter books, ensuring I captured familiar words for example peoples names, place names or the words like 'death eater' or 'invisibility cloak'.
Using a mix of water and PVA glue I ripped and pasted the paper all over the box, using a stiff brush. (It doesn't look like it in the photo, but...) I took the advice from the owner of the art shop and I did this while the clasp of the box was closed.  It meant that when it was finished the words will line up perfectly.  
Once dried I use a scalpel to cut the box open again. Remember always cut away from you. :-) 
I freehand painted the figures on the lid, practising on a piece of tracing paper.  
On the tracing paper draw around the box, cut this shape out and fold it in half.  This will help you find the middle when your drawing on the lid. 

Let me know what you think -- Dolly --