Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Guinea Pigs

I've been away for some time now, I moved house so it took a while to find everything.  I spent ages thinking "where did I put that paintbrush" etc. You would've thought that all art stuff would be in one box, but no it just doesn't work out that way.
I was lacking inspiration, so I put a call out on facebook to start me off.

There is a painting of two little guinea pigs called Sylvia and Olive.

guinea pig watercolour and pencil drawing

guinea pig watercolour and pencil drawing

 I always get asked how I do the background on paintings like this one.  It's actually really easy.  I draw my sketch on to some clear sticky plastic.  I usually use a light box for this and remember to do it in reverse as you will be drawing on the paper side of the sticky plastic, so you have to draw back to front.  Then with a stiff brush I stipple watercolour paint around the masked out area.  I build the colours starting with lighter shade ending with darker.
Then it is fully dry I peel the plastic off revealing the clear paper to draw onto.

 I don't think my guinea approved me drawing other guineas.
I chose a font and used my light box to draw the lettering onto the drawing.